Q&A: What Are the Symptoms of High Cholesterol?

282x273_doctor_imageSomeone asked me “what are the symptoms of high cholesterol?”  It took only one word to answer him.  “None” was all I had to say.  And that is the problem.  We eat certain foods that cause our “bad” LDL cholesterol to rise in our bloodstream.  Our eating habits give a constant increase in the number of LDL cholesterol particles floating around in our bloodstream.  For years and years damage is being done to our arteries without any warning, without any symptoms.  We just continue our routine of gaining a little weight each year, doing less and less exercise and eating pretty much whatever we want.  And the damage to our arteries continues until we have a heart attack or stroke.  Or, even erectile dysfunction in men.  All the time, we are not aware of what is going on inside our arteries.  And then one day there is a heart attack or stroke.  So many times, the first symptom of high cholesterol is some chest pain, or some slurring of your words when you attempt to speak, or sudden death from a massive heart attack, or a massive stroke that leaves you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life – unable to speak.  Waiting for symptoms to happen before you change your lifestyle of eating, exercise and weight control is similar to my telling a patient, I just operated on, that we found lung cancer.  At that time, he decides to quit smoking.  It’s the right thing to do  —  but a little late.  Don’t wait on symptoms; read Prescription For Life and start on you “prevention program” you will keep for life.


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