Q&A: I eat fairly well, but don’t have time to exercise. Is this enough to keep me healthy?

ID-10094850Over half of Americans are completely sedentary, meaning that they do not participate in any purposeful exercise. This lifestyle choice is essentially taking 6-7 years off their life-expectancy. If you cannot walk a quarter-of-a-mile in 5 minutes you are 30% more likely to die in the next 3 years than someone who can.

The most significant reason exercise such as jogging extends your life is that it strengthens your heart muscle. The reasoning goes like this: the best exercise you can do to strengthen your heart is to sustain a significantly high heart rate for a thirty minute interval.

Help your heart everyday in this way. Set thirty minutes a day as your aerobic exercise period, whether you are walking or jogging. If you haven’t jogged before, begin with a brisk walk for thirty minutes a day. No matter where you are on the fitness continuum, the important word is begin.

In “Prescription for Life” you will find a guided exercise plan and ways to determine your resting and goal heart-rate. As a surgeon however, I must advise you to consult your doctor before ramping-up a new, strenuous exercise plan if you have a current medical condition, balance issues or dizziness, or are experiencing chest pains.

You will also find that the three simple strategies in “Prescription for Life” are intertwined. A healthier, longer life is gained by purposely incorporating all three into a lifestyle that will make your “golden years” vibrant and active.






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