Quality and Quantity

freedomListen up.  It’s not about adding years to your life.  Why would anyone want to live an extra 7-12 years to spend it in a wheel chair, or bed, or just sitting and staring at the wall?  That is not what quality life is about.  You want to die active.  We want that last decade of our lives to be quality years, alert and active years where no one is required to care for us.  But even more than that, we want quality years starting today and lasting until that last day comes.  By developing the proper lifestyle of 1) getting to an ideal weight and sustaining that weight, 2) eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong, and 3) setting up an exercise program that you as an individual can do 5-6 days a week; you will indeed add extra years to your life.  But an even greater benefit than adding years to your life is the adding of quality life to each of those years.  Read Prescription For Life and begin the quality journey today.

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