Say No to Fad Diets

MarinYou probably have been on some type of fad diet sometime in the past. There are two problems with such programs. Many of them have a harmful effect on your arteries, and the vast majority of them result in you eventually regaining your weight.

Why? Because of what happens to people who go on such fad diets. A report in the National Weight Control Registry states that only 2 to 20 percent of dieters are able to maintain their weight loss. Once they have successfully reached their goal, they return to their old habits. In addition if they adopt a quick-fix fad diet plan, 95 percent of the ones who do lose weight not only regain it but also add more pounds to it within a three-year period.

Let me make a point with you about the dangers of losing weight and then regaining it. Guess what you are doing to your arteries as you regain all that weight. As you add those forty pounds, you are igniting LDL Cholesterol damage to your arterial walls with every pound you are regaining. It’s simple mathematics. It would be better if you had never lost the weight in the first place. Don’t compound the problem. Don’t put your arteries through all those battles again.

You must lose weight in the same way that you plan to keep it off…with a consistent plan. Your weight-loss plan needs to do three things to be successful. One, it has to help you lose weight. Two, it must enhance good health. And three, it has to be permanent.








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