Setting Goals to Defeat Dementia

Can Anything be Done to Decrease Your Chances of Developing Alzheimer’s?

Can you do anything during the twenty-plus years of stage one Alzheimer’s to prevent from stealing your life? Is there anything you can be doing to significantly lower the chances of the disease progressing? An article in the medical journal Lancet stated that up to half of Alzheimer’s cases can be attributed to preventable factors.

The number one target in defeating all three stages of Alzheimer’s is the health of your arteries. Time and again medical articles make the statement that what is good for the heart is good for the brain. There are three lifestyles that determine the course.

Your diet, whether you exercise and your weight. Defeating Dementia goes into detail of what foods to eat and which to avoid. It emphasizes fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, whole grain, fish, nuts and olive oil. The foods to avoid include the red meats, cheese, cream, butter and fried foods. Both the good and the bad foods play an important role on the health of your arteries. The foods are a great determinant in your “lethal” LDL cholesterol which clogs your arteries.

Exercise plays an important role of your “hero” HDL cholesterol which plays a significant factor in keeping your arteries clean. People on medicine to lower their LDL cholesterol are treating only half the picture unless they are also exercising and getting to a proper weight.

Being overweight or obese are two of the worse culprits in Alzheimer’s. Excess weight causes an increase in the lethal LDL as well as causing a decrease in your hero HDL. Both play a major role in the health of your arteries.

In the medical literature, there are reports of people who have developed proper lifestyles which have placed them into groups that have markedly decreased their chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

All three of these lifestyles determine your arterial health. If Alzheimer’s is going to be fought, all three have to be involved. All are intertwined, depending one upon the other. If you are serious about living a quality life as you age, begin today setting goals for each of these lifestyles. Set aside thirty minutes a day for exercise, write out what you will begin eating for each meal of the day for the next week. Write down your goal weight on a note and place it on your mirror. Commit to do all you can to join the group that have decreased their odds of Alzheimer’s.