Six Foods You Should Avoid in Order to Fight the Aging Process

6_Things_282x273Six foods you should avoid in order to fight the aging process and be able to live 6-12 years younger physiologically.  Think of them as a mind picture so you will never forget them.  A juicy steak on a plate.  An fried egg on top of the steak and then a thick slice of cheese is placed on the eggs, breaking the yolk as it runs down over the steak.  To the right of the plate is a glass of cream enriched milk and to the left is a small paddy of butter.  And last is a small silver bowl of grease poured over the entire plate of food. This picture will help you remember about 90 percent of the foods you are going to eliminate from your eating lifestyle.  This makes it easier to follow through in making your eating habit changes.  A gentleman was interested in learning what foods he should be avoiding to protect his health and asked me for some advice.  I didn’t go through the entire Prescription for Life plan, but only explained the save your life” picture you just learned.  I saw him in a group of people two days later and he waved me over: “Last night I got to thinking about what you explained concerning the danger of saturated fat, trans-fat and dietary cholesterol.  I just want you to know what I did.  I took a gallon container of Blue Bell ice cream out of my freezer and threw it in the trash.  It was my favorite ice cream; 28 percent butter fat type.  But I threw it away.”  He laughed and walked on back to the group he was with.  “Just wanted you to know.”  He looked back at me.  It is so exciting to see individuals who make the commitment to change a part of their lifestyle, especially when it involves throwing away a favorite ice cream they have eaten almost nightly for years.

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