Stopping the Clock on the Aging Process

282x273_clockYou are only as young as your arteries. Think about that a minute.  If your arteries begin to age, you age.  If you protect your arteries, you will physiologically, stop the clock.  Actually, you can turn your physiological age back quite a few years.  Heart attacks, strokes, dementia and impotence are all caused by not protecting your arteries with a proper lifestyle. You must understand, the same blockage that is happening in your heart is happening in the arteries to your kidneys, to your intestines, to the muscles in your legs, to every part of your body.  You may have absolutely no symptoms of blockage of your arteries, but you do have the blockage process going on.  I assure you that you have cholesterol deposits building up in your arteries.  85 percent of all over the age of 50 have some significant blockage of the arteries in their heart, without any symptoms. It’s an ongoing process for Americans, because of our eating habits.  By the time a patient presents with EKG changes, or chest pain, or numbness going down their arm, it has already happened.  Learn how to prevent this aging process by studying (not just reading – but studying) Prescription For Life.  Learn how to live younger, longer.


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