The Dangers of Supplements

HywardsPillsThe Prescription for Life plan is based on the reality that there are no easy alternatives to defeat the aging process. You can’t trick your body into becoming healthy. Instead, the proper lifestyles of losing weight, exercising, and eating the right foods are the solution. Yet, you’ve probably seen an abundance of well-advertised supplements that promise all kinds of unfounded claims.

You may even hear personal testimonies from someone who swears by a particular product. The Prescription for Life plan urges you to beware of supplements. Taking supplements represents one of the greatest senses of false security that I have encountered in my medical career.

Herbal medicines and alternative drugs do not have the investigative testing completed that the national Food and Drug Administration requires. The example I recorded in my book maimed a young girl forever, and could have happened to anyone. It shows how important double-blind studies are to protect anyone taking a specific medication. There are many similar situations to the patient’s story in Prescription for Life, especially related to weight-loss products.

If you are taking any herbal medications, I urge you to consider discontinuing its use. Not just the “medicines” for weight loss, but those that are supposed to make you feel better, increase your energy, improve your overall health, or boost your memory. It may not cause any problem in 99 percent of your friends who are taking it, but you may be the one in a hundred that reacts to the medicine in a permanently damaging way. Beware of supplement safety.




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