The Devastation of a Stroke

282x273_hospital_imageYour initial symptom could be death.  Many times, the first heart attack is deadly.  Don’t center your health on symptoms.  Make your focus on prevention.  There may be something even worse than that fatal heart attack.  There are other arteries in your body that undergo the blockage process and result with your initial symptom being more devastating than death.  Some of the most devastating patients I have ever seen are ones who have had a stroke, who can’t talk, or ambulate, or take care of their personal hygiene.  The moment you survive even a transient stroke attack, you have five times more chance of dying than someone who has not had a stroke.  Plus, within the next five years, 15 to 30 percent will have some form of permanent disability due to a second stroke.  Most strokes leave you with years of aftereffects.  A stroke most commonly occurs when the blood supply to a particular part of the brain is suddenly halted.  Six months after such a stroke, twenty percent of survivors who are 65 or older have difficulty speaking, while a third can’t walk without assistance, and 25 percent end up in a nursing home. Look up what the American Stroke Association put together for some stroke prevention plans. You will see the similarity with what they emphasize and what is explained in Prescription For Life.  Learn what you can do to help prevent either a heart attack or stroke.  Don’t wait on “initial symptoms”.


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