The Secret to Weight Loss

scales_header “I want to lose weight quickly.  Will the Prescription For Life plan do that for me?”  That is a frequently asked question.  You see advertisements on T.V. that guarantee your money back if you don’t lose five pounds the first week.  Don’t even go there.  Many diets do actually allow you to lose weight.  I have friends who have lost significant pounds by eating nothing but meat – no bread, no vegetables, no deserts, they just eat protein.  Others order special food through the mail.  Some even drink smoothies for their main diet.  I watch as the pounds melt.  They look so much better.  They feel so good.  But the problem that none of them realize is that once they actually reach their goal weight, they go back to their old eating habits they have had for years and their weight starts to climb again.  It’s sad but true.

Do you know the actual numbers of being able to lose weight and sustain the loss?  They are some of the saddest words in the medical literature.  The statistics are that only 2-20% who eat such fad diets are able to keep their weight off.  The sad part is that within two years most have not only regained their weight but have added even more to it.  The key to losing weight and keeping it off is almost like a secret that very few know.  And that secret is that your sustaining weight diet has to be the same as your losing weight diet.  You need to lose the weight with the same eating lifestyle you are going to continue on for the rest of your life.  The key is to learn and begin practicing the way you are going to eat from now on.  You need to develop the proper eating habits of the right foods as you lose your weight.  You learn the importance of exercise in being able to sustain your lost weight.  You learn that fruits and vegetables give you that “full” feeling with the absolute fewest calories.  You learn to not count calories but understand which foods to get into a habit of eating.

That is the key to the Prescription For Life plan, to learn proper eating habits as you lose your weight so you can continue at your ideal weight from now on.  That is the secret all those fad diet plans do not realize.  So don’t waste your time, don’t waste your effort.  Don’t waste your money.  Study Prescription For Life and begin your personal plan today.


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