The Silent Process of Aging

282x273_silenceMost do not know what is going on in their bodies. Damage is happening quietly and most have no idea what we are doing that is causing the problem of aging. The aging process is determined by the health of your arteries. Picture in your mind, small particles floating around in your blood. Some of these particles are good, some bad. The bad works its way through the lining of the artery and gets into the wall itself. This causes a reaction like a miniature battle-field, where cells and fluids mix and attempt to get rid of this foreign particle that has invaded the artery. The result can lead to either rupture or plaque build-up in the affected artery. This is a silent process. It doesn’t cause you any pain. It doesn’t give you a headache, or make your chest hurt. It does it quietly while you order extra cheese on your hamburger. Now you know about one of the greatest problems we have in America that causes over half the deaths every year. Learn how to prevent the silent enemy by reading Prescription For Life, a review of the medical literature, written in layman’s terms that is easily understood.
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