The Speed of Life

speedThe aging process of your body is primarily dependent on the condition of your arteries.  If you remember nothing else — I want you to realize the monumental role your arteries play on the chronological aging of your body.  The flow of blood through your body carries nutrients, oxygen, electrolytes, and essentials that keep the body running like a new engine.  That blood is pumped through your system by the heart and is carried by 60,000 miles of arteries, plus veins.  The condition of the arteries determines how well the body is supplied with all it needs to function at one hundred percent perfection.  As those arteries become damaged, the walls begin to fill up with factors that eventually cause a blockage.  There is either plaque build up or inflammation that can result in a clot.  Both events can cause the blood flow to either completely stop or become markedly decreased.  The downstream area becomes starved for oxygen. Over half of all Americans will die as a result of damage to the arteries of the heart or brain.  Don’t become one of the statistics.  Read Prescription For Life and learn what the medical literature has to say about prevention of the aging process.

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