The War for Our Bodies

ArteriesOver half of all Americans will die because of the war going on inside their arteries.  This is the same war I have been fighting all my surgical life with the knife to clean out those blockages. Your aging process is primarily due to the health of your arteries.  So many people today are walking around wearing a time bomb they don’t even realize is ticking away.  There are two types of people who are wearing this future explosive device.  One type is ignorant of what the problem is.  The other knows what they should be doing, knows what they should not be eating; yet, they continue on the same path they have been traveling for years.  They know but do nothing about it.  There are three lifestyles that are controllable; 1) our weight, 2) what we eat and don’t eat, and 3) exercise.  If you are one who is ignorant of what the problem is, you have a great opportunity to turn your age back by 7 to 12 years.  I am speaking chronologically.  There are some 70 year olds who think and act as if they are 55.  And there are some who are 55 who live as if they are 70.  I challenge you to make a commitment to become physiologically younger, beginning today.  And the main thing to remember is, it is not the number of extra years you may live but it is the quality of those years that count the most.  Begin turning your years back physiologically today.  Begin reading Prescription For Life.