This is the Police. We have you surrounded…

police_carNot all fats are bad.  Some are actually good because they cause an increase in your good “hero” HDL cholesterol.  Think of nuts and fish and olives as being the most common foods that contain the good fats.  Those, plus weight loss and exercise help raise your HDL cholesterol.  HDL Cholesterol protects you by battling the “lethal” LDL Cholesterol.  Here is an easy way to visualize how it works.  Think of an HDL Cholesterol particle as a police car that floats through the blood stream looking for LDL Cholesterol passengers.  Perceive the HDL Cholesterol police car pulling up to an area where LDL Cholesterol “splinters” are getting into the wall of an artery.  The HDL police car picks up several splinters and carries them to jail, which is the liver, and deposits them there to be disposed of. The liver takes the LDL Cholesterol particles and passes them out of the body in the bile. While the liver is working to place this excess LDL-Cholesterol splinters into the process of forming bile, the High-Density Lipoprotein “police car” particle is on its way back to the arteries, picking out some more LDL cholesterol to transport back to the liver.

You want as many HDL Cholesterol “police cars” as you can have.  Prescription For Life will teach you how exercise and weight loss get as many HDL Cholesterol particles into your bloodstream as possible.  Read it and understand why not all fats are bad.


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