Two Myths about Your Health

MtyhDid you know doctors write over 255 million prescriptions for cholesterol-lowering drugs each year?  They are written for one purpose – to help lower LDL cholesterol. This group represents the most-widely prescribed group of drugs in America. Sadly, many physicians prescribe drugs to treat patients for a problem, but they don’t emphasize what the patient should do to fight the cause of the problem. Don’t let yourself get fooled into a false sense of security. Myth #1) Even if you are placed on medicine to lower your cholesterol, treat your diabetes, prevent a heart attack, or lower your blood pressure, there is no pill by itself that is the complete answer.

In addition, beware of myth #2) regarding your genetics and family background in regards to your health. Some people tend to rely on their “good” genes and mistakenly think those factors will prevent problems. On the other hand, some people with genetic problems in their family believe that their medical path is doomed. So, they give up on pursing a lifestyle of health. Don’t let these misconceptions trap you. Here’s the key: The genes that you inherit are not nearly as significant as the lifestyle that you lead. Lifestyle trumps genetics.

The biggest myth is to believe that you can’t change from an unhealthy path to a healthy one. You can always change!




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