Where is your path taking you?

where_are_youThe course you are on determines your destination.  It is so easy to age gracefully.  It is normal to add a couple of pounds a year and not even think about it.  You just keep going up one size in your waist and buy some new clothes.  You don’t think about what you are eating as long as it taste good.  “I eat anything I want in moderation and know that is healthy.”  That’s what most say.  “I’m just too tired to exercise.”  And they decide to watch television all evening and have the habit of a small snack just before going to bed.  That’s the average American lifestyle.  Most don’t think about their most prized possession – their health.  That is, until it’s too late.  They develop diabetes or high blood pressure, or have a heart attack.  Most say their heart attack wasn’t bad because “all the doctors had to do was place a stint in my artery.”

The sad part is they don’t realize they are affecting two periods of their lives.  One is the present.  By developing the proper lifestyles of 1.) getting to an ideal weight, 2.) eating the proper foods, and 3) developing a personal exercise program even if it is a brisk walk for thirty minutes, they can have a much more active and quality life in the present tense.  But number two is even more significant. It involves the last ten or so years of your life.  If you are on the couch potato course now, your destination is leading  toward your becoming dependent on others for the latter portion of your life.

You can actually become younger physiologically than you are right now. With The Prescription For Life plan, when your chronological age says 68, you want your physiological age to be fifty. You can set your course on a life-changing journey, which will be worth far more than all the money you will ever have in your bank account. Determine your destination by deciding to follow the plan beginning today.


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