Work Together for Success!

Accountability and teamwork go hand in hand.  I read in today’s news that someone exercises more consistently if their spouse exercises also. How important is it to have an accountability partner, or group? Would you eat more properly if you were a member of a five-person group who keep everyone accountable for what they had for lunch? Would you be less likely to skip an exercise routine if you were supposed to meet someone at a particular time and place? What about a group challenge to lose a certain amount of weight by a set date? Make yourself accountable to someone. It may be your spouse or a friend who has also realized the necessity of changing their lifestyle. Or, it may be a group that wants the encouragement from others who are on the same pathway. Peer pressure works in mysterious ways. Get with a partner or group to develop your habits together. Communicate daily. Encourage one another. Reinforce the good and underline the bad for each other. Exercise together. Set a time to go to the gym. Ask others what they had for lunch. Accountability and teamwork go hand in hand. A recent study shows that someone with an accountability partner lost 20% more weight than individuals who were also losing weight, but did not have accountability partners. Read Prescription For Life and learn the three lifestyles you can develop to give you more quality in your life – whether you are accountable only to yourself or also to someone else.

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