Your Course Determines Your Destination

ID-100107304Start the New Year with knowledge and with empowered commitment!

The saddest words a doctor can hear from someone who has just been diagnosed with a severe health problem, one that could have been prevented are —“If only I had known.” More than half of all Americans, as well as people in many other countries with similar lifestyles to ours, will die because of the war going on inside their arteries. They are on the wrong course. They will hasten their demise if they stay on that course, if they choose not to change their direction.

I have been fighting this war all my surgical life, cleaning out those blockages. I have come to the realization that doctors who operate on the arteries in the heart, those who place stents and sew in bypasses, do nothing to cure heart disease. Without a change in lifestyle on the part of the patient, the same damage to the arteries continues after the treatment is done.

Hopefully, there comes a time when you realize there are things you can do to improve yourself. Galatians 6:7 in the King James Bible says, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Some people realize this truth too late in life in terms of their health. They look back on their years and grasp the terrible truth that they should have sown differently.

My book and my posts will help you are about embark on a new year of preventing the most common health problems that damage your body. I know this is a bold promise, but once you place the Prescription for Life principles into your life, you will never need to say…

“If only I had known.” You are going to know. What you do about it, however, will be your decision.






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