Your Most Prized Possession

treasureYour health is one of the most prized possessions you will ever own.  If your automobile needed an oil change, you would get it done.  If your refrigerator quit working properly, you would do whatever to make it work.  What about your body?  You need more than just a diet plan, or how to lose weight, or an exercise program.  It is more than getting your body to an ideal weight and maintaining it there.  You may not be diabetic or have high blood pressure or have had a heart attack, but the key to living younger longer is one word: prevention.  The reason prevention is so important is because most Americans have been damaging their arteries for years.  85% of everyone over the age of 50 has some significant blockage of the arteries in their heart, without any symptoms.  They are going along day be day, leading a “normal” life and then all of a sudden have a heart attack.  Prevention is the cornerstone of living younger longer.  Learn the best way to stay younger physiologically.  Don’t rely on some fad diet, or advertisements that make “give your money back” guarantees.  Read Prescription For Life and learn what the medical literature has to say about 1) eating the proper foods, 2) how to lose weight and keep it off , and 3) the importance of a personal exercise program.  You can learn how to live younger physiologically than you are chronologically.

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