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The Little Things Count

Some of my recent posts have highlighted how little things count. For example, something as little as a pat of butter is big punch in the gut. Or on the upside, a small serving of nuts contains heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that raise “hero” HDL cholesterol. Here’s another discussion on how little things count. Football […]

Q&A: Why are nuts a good snack if they’re full of fat?

Question: I am a bit confused about nuts as a snack. Aren’t they full of fat? Answer: In Prescription for Life, I recommend that you forgo snacks between meals when you are trying to lose weight. But, once you’re at your ideal weight and want a snack, reach for a fruit, some nuts, or a combination […]

Energize Your Exercise!

Many people view exercise as an activity that burns calories, which results in weight loss. Thus, the focus is on physique or the way our bodies look. While calorie burning is certainly valuable, there are many more benefits from exercise. However, very few actually “enjoy” exercise during the moment. It can be difficult to maintain […]

Q&A: Is a low-fat or low-carb diet better?

Question: Why do you recommend a low-fat diet over the low-carb diets that are all the rage?  Answer:  Let’s start by looking at what medical research, rather than trendy diet books, show as the cause of aging and death. In “Prescription for Life” I demonstrate with numerous medical findings that the aging process depends primarily on […]

Correlation Found Between Dementia and Being Overweight

Medical Report: There is a correlation between dementia and being overweight or obese. In an eighteen-year follow-up study of overweight patients, the women in the study who developed dementia had a higher BMI than the women who did not develop dementia. Other studies found that the risk of developing dementia is greatly increased in individuals […]

Why a Pat of Butter is a Punch in the Gut

How easy it is to mindlessly put a pat butter on your bread. It seems so small. It seems so harmless. It can’t be that bad, can it? Butter contains two of the sources of the bad kind of food you want to avoid – dietary cholesterol and saturated fat. In a typical pat of […]

The Exercise Plan Everyone Can Follow

If you don’t have some type of personal exercise program, the odds of maintaining your ideal weight by diet alone is slim. I like to use the simple example of a Brown University study, where two groups of overweight women were compared. One group dieted and exercised while the other group only dieted. The group […]

Which Diet is Right for You?

You hear about so many diets, and it is difficult to know which is best. Some plans cut down on sugar. Some deal with the glycemic index. And the list for specific targets to avoid goes on and on. Some eat certain kinds of bars for breakfast. And even others buy into a preplanned diet […]