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Should I Be Eating Eggs?

“Are eggs bad for you?  I’ve seen newspaper articles stating it’s okay now to eat cholesterol.”  Several people have asked me the question.  The reason there is uncertainty on eggs is because of a recent report by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee stating that the restriction on dietary cholesterol, which has been in place for […]

Do Supplements Pass the Test?

There are three lifestyles that determine your physiological age.  The medical literature is an excellent basis to turn to in finding out what to do to be able to control each lifestyle in order to live younger longer.  I ate dinner with a couple last night and the wife was telling me about some herb […]

The Most Important Organ in Your Body

I remember being told that first day in medical school in anatomy class: “the heart is the most important organ in your body”.  I will never forget getting to actually hold a human heart in my hands.  What was explained to us that day is the basis of the aging process.  How you treat those […]