The Truth About Red Meat

Raw Red Meat“I like steak. Don’t think I could give it up.” That’s what she told me out-right. That’s before she read Prescription For Life. I quickly told her the medical fact that saturated fat in certain foods causes an elevation of the “lethal” LDL cholesterol in her blood, and that these particles were like little splinters that get into the walls of her arteries — and that this causes inflammation and plaque formation resulting in heart attacks and strokes. Not only does eating red meat increase your overall risk of disease in the arteries of your heart, but also causes an increased risk of certain cancers. One study from the Archives of Internal Medicine of over a half million people showed that men who ate the equivalent of a quarter-pounder hamburger a day, had a twenty-two percent higher risk of dying from cancer and a twenty-seven percent higher risk of dying of heart disease, than those men whose diet did not contain such red meat. It also showed what happened when the group who ate a large amount changed their eating lifestyle to not eat such foods. It was found that there was an eleven percent decrease in mortality in the men and a twenty-one percent decrease in women who changed to the healthy diet. This same study showed that Total Cholesterol and Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol levels were decreased in people who substituted fish for red meat. I grew up eating red meat. Hamburger was a natural food I frequently ate. Processed meat was the same. I never thought I would give up eating steaks. I loved them. But the more I read and realized what they were doing to me, it became easier and easier to not even want such food. “I used to like steak. I didn’t think I could give it up. But I did.” That’s what I told her.

Study Prescription For Life to learn why there are certain foods you will actually want to not eat again.


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